Reverse osmosis water purification scam: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

- October 3, 2018



Clean Water, Dirty Tricks: Marketplace goes undercover to expose the techniques used in door-to-door sales of water purification systems — devices that can cost thousands of dollars, but which most people simply may not need.
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Comments (2189)

  • I love it you guys are trying to act like the sting operations 😂Like that show that caches child predators one person in the car one person in other room watching the cams and then the bait lady 😂

    Alec Urquhart - 1 week ago

  • So I work for a company that sells water softening systems and RO systems. I’m a service tech so I just change filters, pistons, things like that. The RO system they are showing is called a UMF system, the tech is old but they do work. We now sell a more updated RO system made by either Steeltec, Westinghouse, or avian. We sell these newer systems for $550 plus tax. Charging over 3K for just the filters is absolutely insane. She must have gotten a whole home softener as well to justify that price.

    Ethan Adams - 1 week ago

  • To add insult to injury, i bought and installed a RO unit like simple H2O for less than $200 usd. I’m a chemist and installed them in a university chemistry department to get highly pure water, for under $200 each. It takes an hour or less to do the installation. You can buy the units from amazon or eBay for less than $200. I think I just found my next job, $3300 profit per unit. I’m a chemist and know at least ten ways to scare people way from perfectly good healthy tap water.

    R they Fishing - 1 week ago

  • If you fall for this and willing to pay $3500 for this filters then you deserve that!

    ironbull2003 - 1 week ago

  • This is why I roll my eyes when someone at Costco offers me a 'free water test'. What do you think a salesperson is going to find? Funny, I also have a pool test kit and can check the chlorine levels on my own. And why are people allowing strangers to come into their home from just knocking on the door.

    Devon Boulden - 2 weeks ago

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