ALERT: Beware of free water test scam

- October 3, 2018



Scam Alert: Flyer and door-to-door sales person offering free water tests is fake.

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  • I have been in the water-treatment industry for 17 years with the most reputable company in the industry who’s name you would recognize. We do everything by the book with integrity. Unfortunately, there are companies and individuals who use scare tactics to sell equipment. But the testing and chemicals used are legitimate. If you go to the Water Quality Association, and look up hard water or soft water, you will see what I mean. Again, it’s not the chemicals or testing that is a scam, it is what the sales representative spins and tells you that is the issue. Use the WQA as a resource and you won’t be scammed.

    Paul Burgio - 2 weeks ago

  • The tap water has been proven to cause ca#cer, dia#etes and other harmful diseases.

    jesse glenn - 2 weeks ago

  • This was not a scam. If you live near a gas station, there can be MTBE in the water. An older home may have lead pipes. A young child may be more susceptible to water contamination. Your faucet as a drinking source may contain arsenic. Living near an industrial facility put you at risk for Chromium in the water. If a homeowner wants, they can request the water-treatment person to send a sample to a local lab for more in-depth testing. No scam; it's called capitalism.

    Paul Burgio - 3 weeks ago

  • There are 200-800 different chemicals that cause cancer in your water. How look up your local water report. It's all there.

    jesse glenn - 2 months ago

  • This report is totally anti-capitalism and totally government mandate - and of course it is San Francisco, what would you expect.
    Think about it? What do you think the government water facility would tell you if you called them and asked them, "Is my water quality that you supply good?" Dah? Do you really think they are going to tell you its not?
    The real scam is this commie news station.

    Tom Woodard - 21 months ago

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