MAHAN GYAN MUDRA meditation YOGA LIVE – 11 min.

MAHAN GYAN MUDRA meditation YOGA LIVE – 11 min. Breath: long deep breathing Neck: light jalandhar bandh Eye position: focus the concentration at the top of the head (Sahasrara chakra) Mudra: pull the elbows IN and the shoulders BACK, creating the PRESSURE on the spine between the shoulders and the nape of the neck During meditation: feel that you are very saintly Experience you get: state of thoughtlessness, calmness, awareness, harmony Comments from Yogi Bhajan: “Feel that you are very saintly. Don’t say that Jesus was great; say that he was a great master who taught the technique to be great. This meditation brings the realm of thoughtlessness very quickly. It brings the awareness that redemption is not necessary – we are already redeemed. When calmness is experienced inside, it leads you to the experience of the entire universe, and nature serves you in harmony. ” Continue lesson with: I AM HAPPY meditation for children YOGA LIVE Music by Gurpreet Singh (Gurpreet Singh) Music by Madeleine Bachan Kaur


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