OUTWARD BOUND 1 complex YOGA LIVE Continue with: OUTWARD BOUND 2 complex YOGA LIVE youtu.be 1st EXERCISE: fixes GONADS, PELVIS & UTERUS. THIS EXERCISE IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR WOMEN. It will pull you right from diaphragm downword. It fixes your “apana” area. YOGI BHAJAN’s NOTES: A woman needs 1 to 2 hours of tough exercise a day in order to be as productive as man. Every 72 hours the cells change, but the case of a woman it needs to be accelerated or stimulated to do so. By nature a woman, in her capacity to get pregnant and have a baby, is wery inward. To stay outward you are required to exercise. You must exercise in a way that it stimulates all parts of you. To keep your body young and healthy is your challenge. It cannot be done by make up, it can only be done by intensive exercise. Principle of life is to meditate in the morning and to exercise one hour every day. Music by Dev Suroop Kaur www.devsuroopkaur.com


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