SHADOW OF A MENTAL PROJECTION meditation YOGA LIVE (Negative Mind x Ahangkar/Neutral) – 11 min to 31 min. This meditation provides guidance and the way through any block is yours. The future is CLEAR, WITHOUT ENXIETY. MANTRA: HAR HA-REY HA-REE WHA-HEY GUROO (Three qualities of HAR: Seed, Flow, and Completion – ESTATIC INFINITY OF GOD) Every cause has an impact and an orbit of effect. This Projection (Projection 6 JUDGE) uses the Neutral mind to intuit all the expected and unexpected impacts of the mental thoughts you feel now or that in the past were a part of you. TOO MUCH, and people become socially distant out of subconscious fear of your perception, bluntness and truth. TOO LITTLE, sells short the benefits and grace of the universe from your actions. Accidents happen. BALANCED, you gain wisdom and self -gidance to hold in trust all that comes to you. You are never swayed by abundance and hold closely to the path.


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