МUDRA FOR INNER INTEGRITY pranayama YOGA LIVE – 5 min / you can increase time to 11 min+ MUDRA: This Mudra will strenghthen your ability to keep your Prasence of Mind and Inner Integrity – so you can make correct choices and responses under STRESS. CHAKRAS STIMULATED: Vishudha, Ajna also Manipura & Anahata (breath of fire) COLOR: Blue, Indigo, Yellow, Green MANTRA: Sat Nam (Sat – inhale, Nam – exale, repeat mentally with each breath) MEANING OF MANTRA: TRUTH IS GOD’S NAME, ONE IN SPIRIT) FOCUS: Navel Point We all encounter difficult situations that test our character. Even when we feel the impulse to react emotianally to a particular challenge, however, we must remember to act in accordance with the most intelligent, rational response. In mantaining our integrity we can save ourselves and our loved ones from a lot of sorrow, regret, and unnesessary pain. When you are faced with such a challenge, take a few minutes to be by yourself, practice this powerful mudra, and notice your change of heart and mind. Music: Mantra remixes for promotional use only created by DJ Sharu www.sharuproductions.com


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