Balancing SEXUAL ENERGY 1 complex YOGA LIVE

Balancing SEXUAL ENERGY & RELEASING PREMENSTRUAL TENSION complex – part 1 YOGA LIVE 2d Chakra Balance: This series adjusts the energy in the sex-circulation meridians. It releases the tension in the ovaries & enchances circulation in pelvic region. FOR MEN: it is en exellent set! It balances the sexual energy & helps the prostate. FOR WOMEN: practice this set 40 days in a row to ease chronic problems with tension and/or menstruation. During that time, eat a light diet + plenty of water & Yogi Tea. 1.MEDITATION – 3 min on each side (can be increased to 11 min on each side); 2.THROAT & NECK MASSAGE: for thyroid + 5th Chakra; 3.EAR MASSAGE: for limphatic stimulation+circulation; it is the whole body massage (via ear meridian points); 4.TORSO TWISTS: for lumbar spine & relaxation in the pelvis + good for elimination. Continue with part 2. Music by Simrit Kaur:


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