Eat Right During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. It brings along the joy of bringing a new life on the planet. Along With the happiness, pregnancy also brings along a good deal of responsibility. After all, it is the actions of the mother-to-be that are responsible for deciding the overall health of the kid. It is because of this reason that pregnant women need to be intensely careful and responsible about what they eat.

One of the most vital things that pregnant women must do is include more of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. In truth, doctors advocate eating at least three portions of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. The cause of the same is that these natural foods contain ample vitamins and minerals which are good for the mother’s as well as the baby’s health.

It is naturally required that a lady carrying get all the nutrients in a correctly balanced amount but some nutrients would be required in higher quantity than others. Calcium is one such thing needed in excess. This is essentially because calcium makes sure the baby will have healthy bones and teeth. Milk is a good source of calcium and a pregnant woman needs at least two full glasses of milk daily. Further, dairy products can also supplement the input. Calcium supplement tablets are also available.

While you eat right, you must drink plenty of water too. Pregnant ladies that don’t drink enough water may have dehydration, which can end up in some birth defects in the child. To ascertain the amount of water you need to drink, simply divide your body weight by half. you want to drink exactly the same oz of water everyday. However,make sure that you don’t drink all the water at one time as this may seriously harm your body.

Avoiding the microwave is another important step in eating wisely for pregnant ladies. Microwave is radioactive and can pass some of the radiations to the food. So, it is in your own interest that you avoid cooking or heating the food. So, it is in your own interest that you do not heat food in the microwave when you are pregnant.

It isn’t only vital to eat right and healthy, it is similarly necessary that you avoid the wrong food items also. Some food items that are a total no-no for the mothers to be are uncooked meat, raw eggs, unpasteurized juice, unpasteurized cheeses and lots more. Additionally you also need to stay away from the fish that are high on the mercury content. This food sends an open invite to the problems like thermoplastics or Listerine, which is not a healthy sign for the course of pregnancy as it can end up in birth defects.

A pregnant girl who adheres to all these dietary guidelines can be certain that her baby will be OK.

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