Fat Loss! Stop and Think for a Second.

It is a known fact that 3500 calories is a pound of body weight and to lose one pound, you must reduce your intake of calories by 3,500. Given that information, if you want to lose five pounds in one week, you must reduce your calories by 17,500!

Seriously, if your average diet is 2000 calories per day, which is enough to keep you healthy, you only take in 14,000 calories for the entire week. You can take off one pound, but that won’t work to lose five pounds in one week, because you don’t have anything to keep you alive. Losing five pounds means burning everything you eat in a week, plus 500 calories that you don’t have every day. Or don’t eat for nine days. Obviously, if your goal is five pound per week, you can’t do it by diet alone.

When you cut out food, your body will throw all of it’s protein under the bus trying to protect itself. Without food, your body makes a bunch of decisions. (This is your body, not you. It’s a physiology thing.) After it takes all of the protein out of your muscle, (I’ll come back to body builders in a minute) your body will start to live on carbohydrates and when that happens you will gain weight! Your body will go into hibernation mode. You have to change the way your body works to make fat go away. It’s called METABOLISM. Your metabolism slows down and you won’t lose any weight, you’ll gain more.

Since you can’t diet off the weight then it stands to reason that you have to work on increasing your burn rate. Normally a diet gets you to take in fewer calories and what you burn slowly reduces your size. Actually, you are just losing water, and because 75% of your lean muscle protein is water, pretty soon you start to gain again. You are in hibernation. Your body has made a choice. Give up the protein, live off the carbs, and store as much fat as possible. Any food you take in is converted immediately to fat to help you through this period of starvation. Remember, a bear can sleep though an entire winter without eating.

One thing is for sure: Body Builders are mostly protein, and very little fat. They don’t eat a lot of Big Macs and Whoppers. They have a totally different diet with protein drinks and bars and shakes. They couple that with some simple exercises, and they control their metabolisms. If you like that sort of look, they are usually pretty hot, yet they eat like there won’t be food tomorrow. You have to control the burn rate, not the caloric intake.

The real deal is, you can’t just diet and make fat go away, so you have to make a choice, a complete lifestyle choice. You want to lose weight? Start with a little exercise. Get your metabolism kicked up. Once it starts to take off a little weight, THEN start your diet. After that you increase your exercise. If you wait to start until you have increased your metabolism, all your work will be more effective. The pounds will come off faster and more easily. The weight loss is more likely to be permanent.

Understand that you put your weight on because you don’t burn everything that you eat. You store some of it, and over time, that weight builds up. Problem is, storage is driven by what you eat and that consumption is mostly about water. Protein is 75% water. When you go on a diet, after you clear out the water you burn protein from your storehouse.

You can’t just diet fat off because your body will give away all of it’s protein to protect itself, so you start to live on carbohydrates- and gain weight. When you lower your food intake, you lose protein, and this loss lowers your burn rate.

Ifyour diet come toms to be taking too long, remember that 3500 calories is one pound. Go ahead, visit my website at the link, or come to my blog. There’s lots of articles and the blog has some interesting opinions as well. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service


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