Is Acid Reflux Too Serious For Youngsters?

Acid reflux was not compared with Ashlee Simpson when she first became a star. But acid reflux and Ashlee became hot topics after her disastrous Saturday night performance in October 2004. Ms. Simpson lip synced her song on live television when she was badly affected by acid reflux condition that affected her vocal cords very badly. Disappointed fans complained that it is not true. They questioned how come a young person like Simpson who is only 20 years of age can suffer this bad due to acid reflux. This questioning brought many famous physicians to debate and it has been concluded that a person as young as 20 years of age can also suffer badly from acid reflux and may get the same effect of their adult counterparts.

Are Young adults affected by acid reflux?

It is very hard imagine how a young teen will get this condition. As acid reflux mostly affects people who are over worked and stressed. But research points otherwise, it says over 5% of people aged from 10 – 17 are suffering from acid reflux. This increase between people aged 18-25. Recent research says that even little babies can suffer from acid reflux with bad damages.

Each person gets acid reflux due to various reasons. But with young people it may not be due to the regular reasons like hiatal hernia or improperly functioning stomach valve. There are other reasons that cause acid reflux with youngsters.

* Allergies * Chronic ear infections or illness as a child * Smoking * Alcohol * Diet and poor eating habits * Excessive exercise or lack thereof * Obesity * Any additional digestive illness

If you have known anyone between the ages of 15 and 25, most are vulnerable to at least one of the above risk factors. Especially with a growing American epidemic of obesity and increased smoking, more and more young people are suffering through the discomfort of acid reflux.

Youngsters are getting more obese than before. Apart from being obese they also struggle with unhealthy lifestyles. America now has many children with allergy problems than before.

Unfortunately for the young people who develop chronic acid reflux without underlying physical causes, the above activities will cause real physical and sometimes permanent damage that will require extended care and treatment.


Young people do get similar symptoms as of adults in acid reflux.

How It Strikes

* Heartburn – This is the most common symptom of acid reflux and feels like a burning sensation that starts in the stomach and continues up through the chest and throat. * Regurgitation – This is when the acid actually backs up into the throat and mouth. Occasionally, there can also be vomiting. * Dyspepsia – This is a condition that causes pain in the upper abdomen as well as fullness and nausea after eating.

When It Strikes

Lifting heavy weight, After overeating, At night and When laying down

Long Term Damages

While younger adults may not have physical causes of acid reflux, they certainly suffer from very real and painful damage caused by long term acid reflux.

* Trouble swallowing * Damage to throat and vocal cords * Chronic cough * Chronic nausea and vomiting * Chronic pain

Ways to manage acid reflux

People these days want natural cure. However, young persons are not looking for medicines these days. Due to that there are also lots of natural remedies available. There are many latest developments in treating acid reflux. The range is from exercise, medication, natural remedies and sometimes even operation.

In the end, it does not particularly matter if you like or dislike the music of Ashlee Simpson. She may or may not even have acid reflux. One thing for certain is that she did put acid reflux affecting young people into the spotlight and potentially helped many young people obtain health care that they needed.


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