The Growing Concerns on Cell Phone Radiation

There are over at least a few hundred, even billions of people who have started using cell phones by the end of the century. With the growing rate of users, cell sites and satellites are here to provide to the growing need for good reception, thus expanding at an enormous rate. But with this rapid growth in technology, serious matters regarding electromagnetic radiation and exposure are slowly being shed.

There was an issue a long time ago that popped up regarding a man who claimed that his wife developed brain tumor because of radio frequency being emitted by cell phones. Of course, there was no evidence to back up this far fetched claim. His wife’s cell phone habits were not extraordinary, so the case was dropped two years after. But this started a wave of panic and hysteria. Were cell phones actually dangerous things that shouldn’t be kept around? Was there truth to this cancer scare?

The concern comes from the fact that cell phones emit RF or radio frequencies, which is a type of wave that is located between the spectrum of FM radio waves and microwaves. The intensity varies on the exposure time, and from person to person, since location from base station can also affect the frequency. The model can also affect the amount, since newer models tend to emit lesser degrees of it.

Naturally, any person that lives near or is in the range of a base station would be bombarded by radio frequencies. And older modeled cell phones would emit a much larger quantities of these radio waves compared to the newer ones. But still, there is no link that can be found at all. Most brain tumor patients, would claim, that they had lower hours of cell phone usage compared to the normal people. Nor was there any relation to the side of brain that grew a tumor in connection to where the cell phone was mostly placed on.

No study has ever given a clear link between cancer and cell phone radio frequencies. Though it is said that radiation can cause cancer, the amount it emits is not enough to cause panic. And the use of cell phones are something that causes more benefits than harm. Why would you want to throw away your cell phone for a half-baked truth about cancer?

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