The Entire Story Behind The Wedding Cake Topper

So you are in the process of getting a wedding cake topper to sit on top of your wedding cake. Wedding cake toppers are certainly a popular wedding accessory these days. In regards to an example, consider the following search topics that most people are typing into the most popular search engines:

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Do you have any idea what a wedding cake topper is? That’s a fair question. Not many people know what wedding cake toppers are, but they are those tiny “figures” or “statues” that exist on top of the tiered wedding cake. They seem to yell out “Notice Me…I’m Something Special…I Matter!”. From their extremely humble beginnings there is a huge assortment of wedding cake toppers available in today’s market. Let us spend a few minutes learning their story…

After the description a brief history is next. Although no records exist of the very first time that someone put a little statue on the very top of a wedding cake, a number of traditions do exist. One very popular tradition states that a young girl was engaged and getting married, and she was trying to figure out some way in which she could show the love that she and her boyfriend shared for each other. Her dad happened to be the baker in the village in which she lived, and she gave him a job. Due to the fact that he was a baker he obviously baked a wedding cake, but he added a little figure to the top of the wedding cake. He put a figurine of his daughter and her future husband on on the top of the wedding cake. This was to exemplify the adoration that these two young people shared for each other as they started their new life together.

Is this an actual story? Perhaps it is. Is it fictional? Perhaps. Does it foreshadow the prominence that the cake topper would have on not only the wedding cake but the big day? This is a given. This mere baker probably had no idea what a emerging trend he had started. The wedding day would never be the same again…

Today we see that cake toppers are as popular as ever. They have changed somewhat to reflect the changing times, but they are very popular none-the-less. In today’s world you can get toppers that depict mixed race marriages, as well as same-sex marriages as well. Many traditional toppers are being sold these days. One such model depicts the lovely grabbing her hapless groom by the collar…preventing him from getting away. Another shows her dragging him back to the minister after he has escaped. Some wedding cake toppers even show the various hobbies that the happy couple can enjoy.

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