Cleansing the Colon in a Natural Way

The colon, being the last part of the intestinal tract, absorbs the final bit of nutrients from your food in the form of salt and water. After that the waste travels down the colon to be digested further by bacteria that live in the colon. After the bacteria gets done with it, the waste is in its final form ready to be expelled. During the expulsion process, sometimes waste becomes stuck and builds up on the colon walls. This waste can cause serious problems for the individual and may cause certain health problems.

Toxins are produced by the waste that accumulates in the colon and they are circulated throughout the body causing thing like acne, constipation, colds, and much more. Many illnesses can be aggravated by the toxins and thus making for a very unhealthy body.

So what is a colon cleanser? A colon cleanser can be a few different things. It is mostly associated with some sort of pill or substance that is supposed to be ingested and then is supposed to scrub your insides of the toxin producing waste. However, there are a few different types of colon cleansers available. Some colon cleansers are not safe to use and they can have really bad side effects.

Probably the worst colon cleanser you can use is a herbal colon cleanser if planning to use long term. These are generally the same as the laxatives you might buy in the store. Overuse can cause damage to the heart and liver, damage to the digestive tract, allergic reactions to the herbs, blood diseases and possibly death. It is very important if you choose to use these, that you consult a medical doctor first. Using for occasional use can be acceptable, but over use can harm you.

An enema is one type of colon cleanser that most people would not recommend. While it may be useful for certain occasions, it is frequently accompanied with pain and cramping because liquid is made to fill the colon rapidly. A nozzle that is attached to a plastic or rubber bag is inserted into the rectum to push the liquid in, Soon afterwards, the waste comes out. Also, this method does not clean the whole colon. If overused, this can result in tearing of the colon.

There are safer methods available than enemas and herbal cleansers that you find in the pharmacy that do not cause or aggravate health problems. One such option is colon hydrotherapy which is similar to an enema and is administered by a colonics professional. With this procedure, liquid is inserted into the intestinal tract using special equipment at a much slower rate than regular enemas. By using this process you can avoid the pain of the enema while also going deeper into the colon to clean it.

One option for cleansing the colon is using organic colon cleansers. Oxygenated magnesium is one of these options that bring oxygen to the intestines so that waste can be softened and expelled easily. However, personal research and consultation with your doctor is a must with any of the options for colon cleansing.

For cleansing the colon, you can choose a colon cleansing program that can help you with the general health condition. Colon cleansing kits are also used by some people. Read more about these at


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