What To Do When You Have Angular Stomatitis

Angular Stomatitis is a social disease also called as perlche, cheilosis, or angular cheilitis. It is more commonly called “the cracking of the corners of the mouth”, as this affects the mouth area.

It starts with chapped or cracked lips. If you don’t like applying a lip balm, Vaseline, or just something to moisturize it safely, you’re going to bite or lick your lips. Chapped or cracked lips may extend at the sides of your mouth. You may lick it because opening your mouth will be painful. After a few days, you may wonder what that “thing” is slowly splitting at the corners of your mouth. It may be angular stomatitis.

Common signs of angular stomatitis are chapping or flaking of the lips. If ignored and delayed with improper care-like biting or licking, it may slowly affect the corners of the mouth. It may show red patches at the corners of the mouth, sores, or blisters with pus. A person with stomatitis may experience pain in when doing simple activities, such as eating or talking. In severe cases, the person may experience bleeding when the area is scrapped.

There are several causes that a minor case of chapped lips leads to a severe case of angular cheilitis. Treatments for angular stomatitis also depend on the cause. Babies or toddlers, for one, can have angular cheilitis if they constantly use pacifiers. Weaning babies or toddlers from using pacifiers in an early stage may prevent them from having angular stomatitis. Some who are allergic to a certain brand of cosmetic or toothpaste should discontinue using the brand. Others who wear dentures should have their dentures fitted properly in their mouth. If not, lip irritation may occur and it may cause saliva to build up at the corners of the mouth. So to prevent even having bacteria or fungus to build up, it is best to consult the dentist and have the dentures adjusted.

Angular stomatitis is not a serious disease and is not contagious-if treated immediately and correctly. The treatments depend on what the cause is. For one, if the stomatitis is acquired because using ill-fitting dentures, the dentures should be adjusted to prevent irritation that causes saliva build-up. Applying a lip balm or Vaseline is a better way to moisturize lips, rather than biting or licking chapped lips. Taking supplementary vitamins is also helpful to prevent having chapped or cracked lips. If simple remedies are not that effective, dermatologists should be consulted. There are topical medications such as miconazole gel and Mycolog-II Cream that are prescribed by dermatologists to help dry-up the area.

Angular stomatitis is a disease that one shouldn’t be afraid of. It can be prevented and treated easily.

Want to learn more about an angular stomatitis treatment? What is angular stomatitis? It’s embarrassing and socially debilitating. But there is a cure!


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