Solution to Stainless Steel Roller Chain Failure

Using roller chain in outdoor applications or other harsh environments can be tricky. For example, if you need to use it in wash down areas, in or around salt water, fertilizer equipment or food packaging, you are probably using Stainless Steel Roller Chain. It’s sanitary and it can hold up to 840 hours plus of salt water spray before it starts showing signs of corrosion.

There are two common challenges with using Stainless Steel roller chain. First of all, Stainless Steel Chain is week in comparison to carbon based steel chains. For Example: The maximum allowable load for #60 Stainless steel chain is 231 lbs. The carbon based steel chain has a maximum allowable load of 1950 lbs. Secondly, pricing for the Stainless Steel roller chain can range from $20-$60 per ft. depending on the manufacturer and your vendors pricing.

A great alternative to Stainless Steel Roller chain would be a high strength, corrosion resistant coated chain. For example, HKK’s Aqua-Series chain is designed to provide maximum corrosion resistance, much superior to zinc or nickel plated chains, while still maintaining the strength and durability of a carbon steel chain. Before the chain is assembled, a two-step treatment process is done to ensure all components are fully treated. The Aqua-Series Chains come standard with cold-forged solid bushings and rollers to provide a much longer life than the conventional split bushing chains.

Besides gaining strength and durability saving yourself equipment downtimes, this Aqua Series chain sells for about half the price of the more popular Stainless Steel roller chain. This can provide you with huge money savings, while increasing your productivity.

However, Aqua-Series chains should not be used in applications where chain may come in contact with food. It is recommended that when food contact is possible, Stainless Steel chain should be used.

By now, you have recognized the many advantages there are to using the Aqua-Series roller chain. When you are ready to start saving some money by changing out your Stainless Steel roller chain for a stronger, longer lasting, lower cost alternative ,then consider HKK’s Aqua Series roller chain.

By now, you must be ready to contact me for pricing and availability. There are many stock sizes available in single pitch, double strand and double pitch. Any series chain can be made as an Aqua Series chain by special order.

Have you been searching for a low cost alternative to Stainless Steel Roller Chain breakage? Before you buy your next spool or box check with Screamin’ Express, Inc.. They can give you great cost savings on all types of roller chain including the HKK brand, Aqua-Series, high strength, corrosion resistant roller chain discused in this article.


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