A few Stuttering Activities to Help You Stop Stuttering

Stuttering activities, or drills, execute a key role in controlling your stuttering. Like becoming better at other things that does not come naturally easy for you, practicing activities consistently is the right way to success. But who has time for hours of practice every single day to work on their stuttering? Below are 3 easy and fast stuttering routines you can apply in the comfort of your own home to help you take control of your stuttering.

Stuttering Activity #1 (5 Mins) Pick up a book or magazine and read out loud for just one minute (yes time yourself) as slow as necessary so that you don’t start stuttering . Focus on talking with complete confidence, and continuing to move ahead. By the end of the minute notice how far you’ve gone. Repeat this over again Four additional times for a total of Five minutes. Each time reading as gradually as needed to talk clearly, and marking how far you’ve gotten every time. Your goals should be to read farther every time, or read the same amount in a clearer fashion.

Stuttering Activity #2 (5 Mins) Just as before get your chosen book or magazine and while reading out loud – attempt to stutter. Yeah, seriously allow your self to stutter. Do this for 2 1/2 minutes. At this point read from the book or magazine out loud again while focusing on speaking clearly and see how far you can read in a minute without stuttering. You might surprise yourself at your lack of stuttering right after attempting to stutter for 2 1/2 minutes.

Stuttering Activity #3 (5 Mins) At this point for 2 1/2 minutes read out loud once more from the book or magazine, but use an item to “keep time” with. Tap a pencil on the desk, utilize a metronome if you have one, tap your foot, whichever – the key here is to hold a steady beat. Talk while keeping the beat, and pay attention to how far you can get. Then in the last 2 1/2 minutes read with no beat and find out if you can “beat” your previous effort.

Continue to Practice. Practice these stuttering activities frequently and with persistence you will notice obvious improvements in your speech.

Would You Like More Stuttering Activities? The great news is there are now courses you can buy online to help you with your stuttering.They are all much less expensive than speech therapy, and many are even more effective.

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