Fast Foods – Pre-Diabetes, But I Repeat Myself.

There are 4 times as many fast-food joints and corner convenience stores than grocery stores and markets in California. Are you surprised by that? Not if you are like me, like all of those pre-diabetes who eagerly anticipate the one’s they’ve missed.

“We’ve found a very strong link between fast food and obesity, diabetes, and even pre-diabetes.” researchers say. I nearly fell out of my favorite chair at Wendy’s when I heard that – who would have guessed?

The junk food jungle would have long ago been overgrown if we junkies hadn’t been so diligent about our trimming. Departing all of the pleasures of the junk food jungle for a healthier life, and a longer life is hard to imagine – don’t you agree? Where would the fast food business be today if not for us supporters of capitalism.

Just down the block from where I work there is a sub shop, a hotdog palace, a burger joint, a fried chicken drive through, a Mexican restaurant, and finally, the Crim de la Crim of the pack, Wendy’s. Hey, I’m in hog heaven, look at how easy it is for me to score all the grease, starch, and sugar that I crave.

Don’t mistake me for a health nut or anything like that, I’m not. But, I am quite keen on free speech. But, at the moment, I can’t quite see how free speech fits into this discussion.

Any way, here’s the skinny on on quitting fast foods cold turkey.

There are a number of approaches to discontinuing fast foods that I will review in later articles. Here is one of the best. How about taking your own food when you know you’ll be eating out

If you can stomach foods like apples, carrot sticks, rice cakes, then go ahead. They don’t satisfy me in the least, but — pul-eeeze, be my guest. I throw the works into the crease of a tortilla: smidgin of cheese, chicken, different kinds of beans, whatever I know works for pre-diabetes. Then, I roll the burrito up in paper like they do in a sub shop, and cut it into segments. Stuff the little logs into a zip lock, and look forward to an easy 8 or 10 meals a day.

There is a point to this. The approach I suggested works for some, not for others. It is a healthy form of cheap fast food. Be inventive, work out your substitute system for avoiding fast food.

Food bars, maybe. Carbohydrate is another name for sugar, and 99 percent of all food bars contain too much sugar. Why so much sugar? My apologies to any reader who looks forward to bat doots, because that’s what these little food substitutes taste like without sugar.

There are speciality companies that make tasty, already prepared foods that contribute to weight loss instead of weight gain, useful to diabetics and those with pre-diabetes. In general, you will not find them in grocery stores or markets, mostly they selll though advertisements.

Make your own, or buy it, forethought is the answer.

Food ideas can be generated from adiabetic meall plan #1


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