Researching What Precisely Is This Childhood Obesity Epidemic?

Childhood obesity is being an epidemic and not something to take as a joke. Children and teenagers are being diagnosed all over the world. We understand that everyone has a different shape and size and not everyone is alike. However when the classification of obese is given it is because the child or teen is not even within the lines of what is ok for their height and size

Exercising off what you eat is very important. Children that are obese are not burning the calories that they digest. The only time medication can help was if it was something considered a disease or genetic, maybe when they could do something for it.

Some of the children studied have been noted as at risk of becoming obese. They were children/teens that watched more than 2 hours a day of television and played hours of video games that didn’t make them move around, ate more fattening foods and sugar filled drinks. Those were just a sample of the issues that can help cause obesity.

There are so many things that can go wrong once a child becomes obese, for example

1. Type 2 diabetes

2. Always tired

3. Bulimia, anorexia

4. Suicidal thoughts

5. Asthma

6. Teased and bullied

7. Depression

8. Poor self esteem

Parents and doctors are being educated to deal with obese children and know what they are going through. There are now many ways to give the kids all food groups and many video alternative games that keep them going if they really must play it. Schools have made steps as well. The greasy fries we loved as kids have been changed for veggies, and pop machines are a thing of the past. Now your choice is juice, water, or more water.

Parents need to stress to their children that they need to help each other stay fit and lose the excess weight. There are many children and teens out there that want to lose weight but have a hard time because they don’t have the support that they need and don’t know where to get it. This causes a lack of education and the kids then turn to drugs and eating disorders to help themselves. Not knowing that there is a massive side effect from doing so.

We are not totally to blame for this situation but we didn’t help. There was a time where we took our kids out during the summer camping and hiking and if we were not out with them, kids were using their imagination and playing outside rain or snow. We were outside too, now electronic banking and shopping, snow blowers and life in general keep us from having to leave that house. Where is our example for our kids.

If we are no longer going to be lazy then neither are they. We are what we eat, so to speak. Lessen the amount our children watch TV in a day and make them play whether they like it or not. Children need to remember that we are still the boss. They have no choice in that matter at all. We need to retrain our children with limits on computers, video games and the television.

We all have issues but kids today have a new challenge, the childhood obesity epidemic. Many parents don’t realize that they are making things worse for their kids. Learn how to get help and manage your kids lifestyle at


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