Do People With High Blood Pressure Affected By Air Travel?

A well known director was denied a seat in an airline as he was very huge and he can only travel in two seats. He was denied seats as there is only one seat left. I read this article somewhere online.

He is very brilliant that he did not escalate the situation. He just took a pic of him in the next flight and posted it online. Even though he is not humiliated by the situation, he should have been embarrassed.

Always trying to make health related connections, I asked myself what other affects air travel can have on people, other than self esteem. In fact, I have posted several articles about vertigo and air travel.

What about high blood pressure? What ill health effects do people with high blood pressure, or hypertension, suffer and simply dismiss as side effects of travel?

What affects the high blood pressure people? They should be concerned about long waiting lines, delays, security checks and the stress air travel brings. If you are taking medication for blood pressure and it is in control then there is no proof that the cabin air pressurization will affect you.

If you are unable to control your blood pressure with medicine or if you suffer serious side effects that many do, this is where the concern lies. Just like a person with asthma has to be prepared for an “event” when traveling, people at risk for heart attack or stroke have to consider that they won’t be able to receive immediate care while flying.

Apart from being painful, if the clot breaks and travels to lungs, it may create a pulmonary embolism. And everybody knows it’s fatal. Anyone can be affected by deep vein thrombosis while flying. But people with high blood pressure carry a high risk of getting affected.

People who fly long distance carry the problem of swollen ankles and feet. Actually it is not a concern, but people with high blood pressure can escalate it. Th blood starts staying in leg as there is no movement for a long time.

You can walk around the cabin every 1 hour, stretching your calf, having plenty of water and minimizing the intake of alcohol. These things will facilitate free movement of blood.

You should also remember that these days flight delays and cancellations are very common. If you are on medication for blood pressure then you should make sure that it should last for the whole trip.

If you require oxygen or some other special assistance, you should talk to the airline ahead of time because you will need to be cleared to travel. It’s also a great idea to meet with your doctor and discuss any concerns. Keep in mind though, that there are very few individuals who are not cleared to fly.

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