The Hot New Trend of Red Bottom Shoes

You might have noticed a trend going around that has people sporting all kinds of red bottom shoes lately. You can thank Oprah Winfrey for this latest fashion trend when she started wearing her designer Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes on her show. Once her audience got sight of the shoes she was wearing, the trend took off like a rocket and, soon, even her celebrity friends started taking them on.

It seems everyone in Hollywood and beyond is wearing these trendy, stylish shoes. Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera have all been seen and photographed wearing their own pair of red bottom shoes.

Even Madonna was found wearing a pair of these designer Louboutin shoes on her Live Earth tour and the fascination took hold of all her fans. Now, you have everyone from Hollywood super stars and singers like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, down to the professional working woman in the office building wearing these shoes.

While most people won’t actually be able to get theirs hands on real Louboutin red bottom shoes, they will certainly be able to find some knock off shoes at a much cheaper price.

Since Louboutin red bottom shoes are averaging around seven hundred dollars a pair, other designers are willing to cash in on this trend by offering up some designs that are just as good, although not as expensive. You shouldn’t be all that surprised to find Gucci, and even Prada, marketing their offshoots to the red bottom shoe fascination that is currently sweeping the world. You have realized how big this trend is getting when you see that even Madonna wore her red bottom Louboutin shoes on stage for her Live Earth event.

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