Common Mistakes Women Make When Losing Fat

There is too much information on how to get in shape. And mixed in with all this misinformation are some all too common misconceptions.

And the problem here is that if you start taking action on bad advice, you will never get the body you want, and even worse, you could end up with a serious injury that leaves you sidelined for months.

So here are 5 common errors women commit when losing weight that you have to avoid:

1. Not squatting with the head up: This is more common than you may think. And if you squat with improper alignment, you will eventually injure your lower back. So make sure you always squat with your head tilted slightly upward or with your eyes level.

2. Doing cardio on a treadmill: Cardio on a tread mill can place a lot of repetitive stress on your joints and it mainly focuses on working your lower body. For a much safer and effective cardio workout, use machines that work your entire body like an elliptical.

3. Staying within the comfort zone: This may seem like common sense, but staying in your comfort zone is one of the worst things you can do if you really want to get the body of your dreams. You see, the majority of your change will happen when you train on the outer fringe of your abilities.

4. Focusing on core training early in the workout: Doing this will compromise your performance in more important exercises. So train your core after you’ve completed the bulk of your primary workout. This is also a safer way to train because you are less at risk for injury.

5. Using too many balancing gadgets: Look, the fitness industry loves gadgets because they make lots of money and keep people looking. But if you want to lose fat as fast as possible, make sure you use these sparingly. You see, if you go overboard here, you will sacrifice the speed of fat loss.

Fast fat loss requires that you stay away from the fads and focus on what has been proven to work by science. Only then will you get the results you need while avoiding injuries. So don’t delay here and take action on this advice now!

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