Hearing loss for dummies

Similar to a house, as time goes by the body starts to get worn out and simple things like the senses and body functions start to have problems. Take for example the human ear, when a single part of the ear gives out the person may be inflicted with temporary or even permanent hearing loss just like that. Learning more about the source of hearing loss, what causes it and what can prevent it is best learnt while a person is still young.

Hearing loss means more than just someone who is unable to hear or is deaf. The term hearing loss also covers anyone who has a hard time hearing many sounds at once, or certain sound frequencies and so forth. The causes of loss of hearing are far too many and there are some that are very obvious while others may surprise even the most knowledgeable people.

Birth defects has to be one of the most common causes of hearing loss as 3 in every 1,000 babies are born with it. The babies are born with malfunctioning hearing nerves, unformed eardrums or even have very small ear canals that lead to hearing loss. The best way to know how bad it is, is to go see a doctor specializing in loss of hearing.

Besides birth defects, hearing loss can also be blamed on the genes of a person. If a person?s parents has had a history of hearing loss, chances are the genes, whether dominant or recessive, can be passed down the next generation as well. While some may experience only mild loss of hearing others cannot hear a single thing.

Contracting a disease or illness can also affect a person?s hearing and could lead to temporary or even permanent hearing loss. Diseases such as meningitis, mumps, otosclerosis and measles are known to affect either auditory nerve or parts of the ear itself. However, while some illness can induce permanent hearing impairment and deafness, most do not and are only temporary.

Another common cause of hearing loss believe it or not, is medicines or medication. Some medication can do some crazy stuff like damaging parts of the inner ear or even auditory nerves of a person. Some studies have shown that common medicines like aspirin and antibiotics can induce hearing impairment.

Whether you paid attention in your chemistry class or not, chemicals can be a good thing and be a bad thing at the same time, as some chemicals promote hearing loss. Unknowingly, some chemicals can harm a person?s hearing senses by causing havoc among the ear parts. Common household chemicals such as pesticides, solvents, solutions, cleaning chemicals can be classified as ototocix chemicals.

Lastly, a person who experiences trauma can also experience hearing loss. People who sustain head injuries can experience hearing impairment. Another source of physical trauma is a person being exposed to very loud noise at around 90 decibels for a prolonged or even an extremely short period of time.

There are many more reasons and causes to hearing loss. If you only had one thing to take from this article it is to always take care of your hearing. No one should wait until their hearing is gone before they start to care for their sense of hearing.

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