Laser Treatment For Acne – Is All The Hype True?

Do you suffer from moderate to severe acne and have not been able to find lasting relief from the myriad of acne treatment products available in your local supermarket or drugstore? Then perhaps laser acne treatments are for you. Multitudes of acne sufferers claim to have found the lasting results with acne laser treatment that they could not find anywhere else, and maybe it is the thing that will work for you as well.

Laser treatment for acne is a procedure that continues to give great results. Used to both treat and eliminate acne, its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is highly effective as well as generally pain free. If there is any pain, it may well be associated with the cost of the procedure, which is not inexpensive.

Many people wonder if all the hype is true and if laser acne treatments really work. Multitudes of former acne sufferers who have benefited from the treatment say that it does work, and that it works exceedingly well. In this FDA approved treatment, a beam of laser light is used to focus on, and treat, just the skin that has been damaged by the acne. This tightly focused treatment area insures that risks, complications, and side effects are kept to a minimum.

Depending upon the severity of your acne condition, you will basically choose between a laser acne treatment that utilizes a nonablative laser (for moderate, less severe cases), and a CO2 laser (for more severe cases). Nonablative lasers help clear up acne and improve the appearance of your skin by encouraging collagen production beneath the surface of the skin. Additional benefits of nonablative laser acne treatment are a nicer skin tone and less wrinkles and lines.

For more severe acne cases, the CO2 laser is recommended. The beam from the CO2 laser works to destroy, layer by layer, the tissue that has been damaged by the acne. This allows new, healthy tissue to grow and to take its place. Many experts, as well as satisfied patients, agree that CO2 laser acne treatments are among the best acne treatments available today.

When there are side effects to the laser acne procedure, they are usually mild and temporary. Common side effects include swelling, redness and other discoloration, and skin irritation in the treated areas. While there may be a slight discomfort for a short period of time following laser acne treatment, all in all the risks are far less than those associated with many of the chemical acne treatments that many people undergo today.

Evan Carlinelli is a writer for Laser Acne Treatments, an online guide that publishes articles about Laser Scar Removal Treatment.


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