How Do You Find The Best All Natural Skin Care Products?

There is a worldwide movement towards more natural skin care products. And there’s a good reason for this. There are now millions of women looking for natural skin care and trying to determine which are the best all natural skin care products.

Because there is a growing realization amongst consumers that our skin care products as well as our cosmetics and many personal and beauty products contain potentially harmful ingredients.

A quick example, a recent study found lead in over 50% of big brand lipsticks tested.

And it’s fine to be wanting to look better or smell better, but doing that at the risk of our health isn’t smart. Who wants lead on their lips?

And there are smart companies out there who are now looking at the market for more natural products and looking to get in.

Recently L’Oreal has purchased The Body Shop to get a toehold in the natural personal products market.

Back to looking at skin care products. What does “natural” or “all natural” mean for skin care products or cosmetics? No one really knows, there’s no formal definition.

It’s not known what natural formally means, and for this reason there are companies out there marketing “natural” products containing chemicals that most would not consider “natural”.

So if there are still “natural” products out there that we should avoid how do we find the best all natural skin care products?

If you’re looking for a “natural” product it’s pretty sure you’re looking for a product what works well and is SAFE.

So we can, once we know this, use this information to our advantage.

So what do we actually do? Firstly search out and find the Cosmetics Safety Database website. It looks at most of the ingredients found in a wide range of personal products and considers their potential health risks, and rates those health risks.

So you can actually search the various ingredients used in products and see what risks they pose, though of course these are hotly debated by the mainstream cosmetics and skin care industry. For example go there and search parabens and see what you get. A list of the various parabens (a chemical preservative) used in products, and their considered risk potential to health.

The find the website for the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. The have a compact that any company can sign. This pledges that company to using only known safe ingredients in their products. And you can search this compact to see which companies have signed it, and which haven’t. You won’t find the big names there.

And if the company that makes the products you use has signed you know they should make safe products.

So you’ve found a company that makes natural skin care products and has signed. So their products are safe. But how do you know they’re any good? Well to me any company that offers a money back guarantee on their products must have good products. But even amongst the natural skin care companies that have signed getting a guarantee is very rare.

One company has both signed the compact and offer a full money back guarantee. And it’s that company that makes the best all natural skin care products.

Find out who they are on my website.

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